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6 Benefits of Using a Kesar – Saffron Soap

Benefits of Using Hand Made Kesar Soap

Saffron (Kesar) is an ancient spice that has been used for centuries to treat as a medicinal herb. It’s known to boost your immune system, increase circulation, and give you radiant skin.

Saffron, as everyone knows, has a particular position in cosmetics due to the numerous beneficial effects it has on the skin. This spice has long been used as a herb in Ayurvedic medicine to improve the quality of the skin. Scars, acne, a poor complexion, uneven skin tones, discoloured areas, and other skin concerns are common. With the use of this miraculous spice, one may simply get rid of these skin conditions, resulting in radiant and younger skin.

Saffron Soap

Saffron soap is a natural and organic product. It is made from the stigmas of saffron, which are extremely expensive and difficult to grow. Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world and it has been used for thousands of years.

Although saffron is an expensive ingredient, it’s worth the benefits it has to offer to your skin. Saffron soap is a good way to get this antioxidant in your daily routine.

Saffron from Kashmir is having unique quality at its own.

Kashmiri Kesar

Benefits of using a Kashmiri Kesar - Saffron Soap

Using Kashmiri Saffron Soap on a daily basis can provide your skin with the following benefits of saffron:

1. Reduced Acne and Blemishes:

Saffron, known for its anti-fungal characteristics, aids in the treatment of acne and blemishes. It is proven to not cause skin irritation and hence looks safe to apply to the skin. Saffron also has anti-bacterial properties which can help fight against bacteria and viruses on your skin.

2. Lightened Skin Tone:

Saffron naturally helps to lighten and whiten your skin tone giving you younger-looking, glowing skin with a better complexion.

Kashmiri Kesar Hand Made Soap For Sensitive Skin by Brhat

3. Hydrated Skin:

Saffron is known for its skin hydration properties. Saffron absorbs moisture and helps to heal chapped dry skin.

Saffron helps relieve dryness as well as itching caused by eczema or psoriasis, which is why it can be beneficial for people suffering from these conditions.

4. Softer Skin Texture:

Saffron soap can definitely help get rid of cracked skin making it softer. It not only improves the texture of the skin but also enhances your skin health. Irrespective of the part of the body, the saffron soap will help you get smoother and shinier skin.

5. Reduced Pigmentation and Dark Spots:

Aging, prolonged sun exposure, poor food, and hormone imbalance are all factors that contribute to skin pigmentation. Saffron has high exfoliating qualities. Thus, it eliminates the layers of dead cells that produce pigmentation.

6. Faded Scars and Wounds:

According to some stories, Cyrus the Great, the great monarch of Persia, used to take baths sprinkled with saffron because he believed that this spice could cure his war wounds. He appears to have been correct, as saffron is a rich source of nutrients that aid in healing and exfoliating. People can use saffron soap on their skin to accelerate healing and remove scars.


Taking care of your skin is critical not only because it impacts your physical appearance, but also because the state of this organ influences our general health. So, choose a natural product trusted for thousands of years to add to the glow and health of your skin.