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About AMCT Herbals Pvt. Ltd.

AMCT Herbals Pvt. Ltd. is an environment friendly venture established with a vision of better healthcare using the ancient science of healing. By using the traditional treatments, we source and supplies authentic Ayurvedic products by using the most environment friendly procedures. In fact, Ayurveda is just a component of the products that we offer. Our products go beyond world’s materialistic knowledge of Ayurveda, and explores the spiritual arenas of health and healing. With products for diseases and disorders such as digestive disorders, immune disorders, skin care problems, obesity, and menstrual disorders etc. we use the most authentic Paramparic (Traditional) Chikitsa Paddhati and the ancient formulae dictated by the same to help you fight these ailments. We also offer products for skin care, strengthening your memory power, anti-ageing, body detox and weight management including.

This organization of ours has birthed from the noble cause of financially supporting our initiative,  Agastyamatah Charitable Trust. The trust is guided by the immense knowledge Sri K.T. Sivanandan Vaidyar,  who possesses the knowledge of Lada Parampara Vigyan. We are currently catering to nine initiatives of AMCT, which include but are not limited to looking after voiceless creatures, uplifting orphans and abandoned children, promoting health in the society by practicing Ayurveda, running a Vedic educational institution, working towards the betterment of agricultural practices in India, promoting the education and advance learning of Vedic studies and encouraging research in the field of medicine and healthcare.

Our aim is to support the causes of this trust in terms of healthcare, business, environmental awareness and overall management of the trust as well. We are eager to create employment opportunities for the females of India by expanding our organization along with promoting a sustainable, spiritual and more relevant concept of health through our traditional methods.

Aaushahi (Herbs) from Kerala India

Our Exclusive Formulation as per Kerala Ayurved Tradition - Lada Aushadhi

Authentic Ayurvedic Products Formulation by Lada Guru Sri K. T. Sivanandan Vaidyar - Wayanad Kerala

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