Dhoomra Chikitsa Vigyan

Dhoomra Chikitsa Vigyan & Yagna benefits for environment

What is Dhoomra Chikitsa Vigyana ?

Dhoomra or the fumes are employed from the ancient times to treat and cure especially South Part of India. It is a natural and subtle method of targeting the disease causing germs that find their way in tissue and organs to manifest the disease. At the same time the fumes also take care of the pathogenic agents that are present in the surrounding and find entry into the human body via food, water and air. The gaseous molecules produced by lightening the medicinal herbs during Yagna (Havan) or Agnihotra or Gayatri Yagya or lightening the Dhoop (Dhoopam) are potent and therapeutic agents which have holistic effect on body, mind and soul of an individual.

What is Dhoomra Chikitsa Vigyana ?

Why Perform Yagna (Havan) ?

भद्रो नो अग्नि राहुतः

- Yajurveda [ 15.32 ]

The quote says that a person desiring of well fair and benediction should perform Yagna or Havan. Yagna is a medical therapy in itself. The process cleanse the environment and aids in eradication of pathogenic agents that bring epidemical catastrophe. Modern science has already proved that Yagna is helpful in bring the rains.

One can find the detailed description of Yagna therapy in Atharv Veda( 3.11.2). Here it is clearly and boldly stated that a bedridden patient, a person who has lost all hopes in life can quickly regain physical and mental vigour by performance of Yagna.

Benefits of Yagna for human health

The pathogens find a way into the human body via breathing, food and air. The fumes of Yagna enters the body via our food, milk and water in the form of micro- molecules to eliminate the pathogenic agents thereby restoring to health and wellbeing.

Agnihotra Chiktsa employs Dhoomra Chiktsa Vigyan is widely known to successfully treat pyrexia, disease causing pathogenic agent, delirium, goitre, angina, uterine disorders.

The subtle molecules of medicinal herbal fumes produced by performance of Yagna, can easily enter the body via breathing and has much widespread effect on the diseased tissue or organ where the illness is manifested.


Yagna benefits for environment

The hidden pathogenic agent in dark and unreachable corners of house and offices can be eradicated by performance of Yagna. The use of medicinal herbs in Yagna creates fumes that can reach such far and hidden corners of living spaces to eliminate the infecting microbial pathogens thereby cleansing the surroundings.

The infecting agents or germs of diseases, manifested during the change of season; like cough and cold, malaria, chickenpox can be taken care of by performance of Yagna in homes during this period.

Yagna, Havan or Homa are the procedures that have the potentiality to purify the air, water, food and the mind. It strengthens the senses and lengthens one’s lifespan.

What is the Spiritual benefits of Yagna (Havan)?

Even if Yagna is performed without having the knowledge of spiritual benefits that are bought about by chanting of the MANTRAS during the process, the performer does receives the benefits of the same to an extent that his mind is established in peace and harmony.

The knowledgeable performer of Yagna when undertakes the process with the thoughts that are divine then the mantras chanted inclines his mind and intellect towards general and global wellbeing. In short 

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What is the scientific Significance of Yagna?

Scientifically it is advocated that the diseases of the brain are best treated by nasal drug delivery system. Performance of Yagna in ancient times was believed to bring mental peace and wellbeing. Mantras like Gayatri Mantra, Mahamrutyunjaya Mantra also indicates the same fact.

ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम् |

उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान्मृत्योर्मुक्षीय माऽमृतात् ||

Aum Tryambakam yajaamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam |
Urvaarukamiva bandhanaan-mrityormuksheeya maamritaat ||

Sunghandhim ( Fragrance) Puushtivardhanam (impart physical and mental vigour)

Medicinal herbs when offered in sacrificial fire of Yagna gets ignited to produce number of volatile oils. These subtle medicinal vapours when enter the brain of a patient of mental disease such as epilepsy through nasal passage bring relief and wellbeing. These vapours specially target the central nervous system and have therapeutic effect to prevent and cure mental disorders.

In fact it is known today that a Havan or Homa or Yagna is a scientific process in which medicinal herbs (samagri) are offered in fire in agnikunda (especially designed inverted pyramid shaped pit). When the procedure is done by combining of particular arrangement of wood pieces, setting up of time frequency and offering regulated amount of Samagri, a chemical reaction set in and lead to sublimation of herbal medicinal phytochemical.

Therefore Yagana is actually utilization of matter into energy such that potentiality of matter increases many folds to bring positive effects on human health and on environment simultaneously.
Yagan is accompanied with loud and synchronic chanting of mantra. The mantras are encoded sonic signals which get compounded with electromagnetic waves, proving themselves to be beneficial to surrounding atmosphere.
Yagna is a form of Aroma- therapeutic practices wherein rapid intranasal delivery of therapeutic substances like nerve growth factors allow by-passing of blood brain barrier.


Process of product manufacturing by Dhoomra Chikitsa Vigyan of LADA PARAMPARA

The masters of LADA PARAMPARA of Kerala have developed subjective procedures and formulas which are followed in their intrinsic form till date to relieve illness of body and mind. The products designed by LADA GURUs come with special integrated herbal composition that are 100% organic and non-GMO in nature. The products are manufactured in strict surveillance of dedicated devotees who only serve the nature and the society by their selfless actions. Thousands have been cured and treated by using these products which are completely and totally natural and contain zero chemicals or artificial content.

The formulations are specially produced by following the process and science of Dhoomra Chikitsa to treat human health issues which find no cure in other systems of medicine. Importantly these formulas being completely natural do not have any side effects on human body as is the case with any other treatment systems.
The most important aspect of these products is that along with bringing the physical, mental wellbeing of the person they also have spiritual and environmental effects in a positive way.

Why use products by AMCT Herbals

Incense Sticks, Dhoop Sticks, Dhoop cups, Yagna Samagri ( Havish or Havan Samagri), Palankashasi Dhoop are unique formula products that do not contain any artificial or manmade chemicals. They are hand made products which are designed strictly following the instruction of Dhoomra Chikitsa Vigyana. Being natural and chemical free the products do not have side effects like allergies, breathlessness as is experienced when chemical based Dhoop, incense sticks or Yagna Samagri is used in homes. One can use and experience the difference between AMCT herbal Products based on Dhoomra Chikitsa VIgyana and other chemical based products that are detrimental to health.

How is Dhoomra Chikitsa Vigyana helpful to human health

Use of Incense Sticks, Dhoop cups, Yagna Samgri, palankashasi Dhoop manufactured by AMCT Herbals are formulas that are completely based on Dhoomra Chikitsa Vigyana ( as explained above). No hazardous chemicals, charcoal, wood wastages are used in their manufacture. This is the very reason the products do not produce burning sensation in eyes or pose difficulty in breathing when used in homes and work places. On the contrary the products are beneficial to human lungs and helpful to disinfect surrounding environment. Regular use of AMCT-herbals products is advantageous for human body, mind and surrounding environment. The lightening of AMCT Herbals any formula among Dhoopam or incense sticks spiritualizes the environment and brings harmony amongst the people of home and work place.

Our Goal and Message to one and all

It is our prudential and moral duty to keep our environment clean and pollution free. Mother Nature should be protected in every way we can. To protect our surrounding we can simply light one Incense stick or Dhoopam as our daily practice. This would be our divine service to Mother Nature and not just a religious practice.

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