Lada Chikisa Paddhati to Prepare Aushahi

“LADA Aushadhi Tri Samskara Vidhi”

We are all human beings and every herb is a part of the Panchmahabhuta, and the Panchmahabhuta is governed by its own “universal rule” of UNIVERSAL law.

Every herb has an element of its own and at a certain time – grows in a certain place or is grown which is a natural process. Every disease occurs from the ‘imbalance’ of Tridosha (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha).

To balance these three defects, that is, to rid the body of the disease, one needs to use a remedy that can cure the defects created in the body. In which we use “Panchang” as a remedy for their medicinal properties. (flower, fruit, branches, leaf or root).


Prathama Vidhi

Aamantran and Shrap Moksha Vidhi:

Collecting the medicine taken by improper method and ingesting it in the body does not give excellent results. By performing the traditional method with the proper "vidhi", one rids the medicine of its impurities. This process of Aamantran, is a part of the traditional ritual for the patient to get the best results and to get rid of the disease.

Paramparik Vidhi – Vidhan & Samskara
Dwitiya Vidhi:

Shuddhikaran and Aamantran Pooja:

We separate the selected medicinal essence from the herb. The "Panchatatva Pujan" ritual is performed which includes Jalan, Gandham, Pushpam, Dhupam, Deepam.

Tritiya Vidhi:

Shaktipaat Mantra Vidhi:

The medicine is fed with power by praying that the patient's three faults should be balanced. The purpose of this medicine is to maintain the elements that have improved the health of the patient.

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