Methods Follow (Lada Parampara)

Methods we follow - Lada Parampara of Kerala

Aushadhi Nirman in LADA Parampara

Formulation of Aushadhi or Herbal medicines has a unique and exclusive procedure in LADA Parampara. These distinctive procedures with secret recipes are passed on from one generation to another in disciple succession alone. The formulations are time tested and are completely based on the instructions described in Vedic Text on Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicines prepared in LADA Parampara from Kerala; South India is prepared by using perfectly herbal, organic and authentic compositions.

The procedure of Aushadi Nirman in LADA Parampara

The Aushidhi Nirman Prakriya that is the procedure of formulation of medicines in LADA paramapara Of Kerala South India requires invocation prayers by expert Acharays to spiritualize the herbs and ingredients from which the medicine is formulated.
The invocation prayers for Five great elements (Panchmahabhoota) are also performed on the patient under treatment. The entire process requires master’s and Acharya’s expertise and is purely unique to LADA parampara. The necessary traditional rituals fills the patient’s sub consciousness with hope and makes him receptive of the treatment.

Paramparik Vidhi – Vidhan & Samskara

What is Tri Smaskar Vidhi?

Aushadhi Nirman in LADA parampara is done with The Tri Smaskara Vidhi which follows-
These procedures are time tested making the AMCT HERBAL product all the more authentically efficient in targeting and curing the disease of human body.

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Qualities and efficacy of Medicinal Products designed by LADA Parampara

Aushadi or medicinal formulations of LADA Parampara are so designed that they serve the dual purpose of curing the ailment of the patient and simultaneously removing the pollutant and pathogens from the environment.


Effective oils for treating specific health issues

Presently AMCT herbal is widely approached by people not only from Kerala; South India but from all over the nation and globe for its miraculous herbal formula for

  • Treatment Of Insomnia (ANINDRA)
  • The Pain Relieving Oil For Joint Pain
  • Oil For Effective Treatment Against Hair Fall And Dandruff
  • Oil To Bring Quick Relief In Muscular Pain
  • Formula To Cure Headache And Vertigo
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