What AMCT offers

What AMCT Herbals Offers...

From diseases as common as blood pressure to disorders as rare as Multiple sclerosis, we aim to keep going ahead with the research and development to prevent, manage and cure these ailments. Now unlike the pharma giants in the market, we control the entire process of manufacturing when it comes to our products. Each medicinal preparation that is produced at AMCT Herbals is bound to undergo a stringent set of guidelines defined by the Lada Parampara. This process of making a palatable medicinal preparation from its crude form involves cleansing the product of any kind of impurity or harmful substances present in it.

 “Organic and authentic” are the qualities we live by. From Vatti, Sindoor, Incense, Tailam (Oils), Bhasma, Churan to natural organic soaps and oils, incense and dhoopams AMCT Herbals serves environment friendly, authentic and effective products to aid you in living a better life. All these formulae are developed by the very talented and immensely knowledgeable experts from Kerala, the home to authentic Ayurvedic practices in India.

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