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Constipation- what is it ?

Constipation - What is it ? Blog Amct Herbals

Constipation is a worldwide health issue affecting a large percentage of human population. It includes fewer or nil bowel moments, bloating, abdominal discomfort, gastric troubles, acidity, loss of appetite and abdominal pains.

A person suffering from constipation will have dull skin, will be low in enthusiasm, feel sad or may be of hyper temperament depending upon the severity of the problem. The other effects of constipation includes Hair loss.

Generally people take this problem to be non- serious and rely on self-medications to bring quick and temporary relief. They fail to understand that this kind of treatment in a long run may have serious repercussions. Body may develop comorbidities and other health problems if the constipation is not addressed to effectively so as to completely eliminate it.

Constipation Problem Solved !

Constipation may have general and specific cause. But broadly speaking sedentary life-style, taking low fibre diet, dehydration, irregular daily routine and stress are the common causes of the problem. Speaking in terms of Ayurveda constipation is the result of Vaat Dosha.

Although taking drugs or any kind of medicine will never help you to eliminate the problem completely unless and until you adopt a life style that is in harmony with nature and your bodily organization, yet a AUSHADHI manufactured by AMCT Herbals Pvt. Ltd; Kerala has come up with an effective remedy with zero side effects to bring effective solution to your problem.

Meghapitha Churnam (MCP) has been manufactured under the strict surveillance of expert Ayurvedic practitioners and lab tested to bring quick and permanent relief to the problem of constipation.