Our Traditional Methods makes our products exclusive & special

Our Ayurvedic Aushadhi Nirman Paddhati (methods of preparing our product) is based on Paramparik Chikitsa Paddhati. We follow the Lada Paramparik Aushadhi Nirman Paddhati or the Shaiva Parampara Vidhi to make our products the best ones out there. This process involves us cleansing the product of any evil energy that could potentially stop it from
conducting the healing process, inviting it to heal the needy, purifying and packaging it with the traditional methods couples with spiritual rites. The process goes in three steps as mentioned below:

1.  Aamantran and Shrap Moksha Vidhi:

Aamantran and Shrap Moksha Vidhi is the first step of unique ancient and traditional method of Aushadhi Nirman Vidhi followed by Lada Parampara Vigyan. 

The Aushadhi that we collect from all over Nature Earth, include the places like rivers, forests, lakes, ponds, hills, mountains etc. All these Aushadhis are medicinal plants possessing healing properties useful to human and these properties reside in various parts of these plants, trees, climbers or any other vegetation. It could be stem, leaf, fruit, flower or branches. And as evident by Ayurveda, the one common factor that ties humans and plants together is that they’re both created from Panchmahabhut-the five elements. And for these plants to wholeheartedly heal their fellow beings on earth, i.e. humans, an Aamantran Vidhi is conducted. And just in case these plants or plant parts have any Dosha, a Shrap Mukti Vidhi is conducted according to the Lada Parampara to get rid of the Dosha instead of letting it hamper the healing properties of the Aushadhi.

2.  Shuddhikaran and Aamantran Pooja:

Second step of Aushadhi Nirman Vidhi is Shuddhikaran and Aamantran Pooja. These are the Vedic procedures conducted throughout the preparation phase of the products. While the composition mixing phase of the Ayurvedic Churna, Ayurvedic Vatti, and Medicinal oils, these procedures are done simultaneously in order to cleanse the product of any evil energy or spiritual hurdles that might come in the way of fully utilizing the potential of the Aushadhi.

3.  Shaktipaat Mantra Vidhi:

This is the last step of the process and it involves packaging the product in eco-friendly material along with spiritually charging the product with powerful and positive energy. That enhances
the healing power of the product beyond its material capability. According to the Lada Parampara, the human body is destined to gain the maximum benefit out of an Aushadhi if the ShaktiPaat Mantra Vidhi is conducted along side the packaging. 

Hence, each of our products are useful for their medicinal properties, unique because of the spiritual edge over other Aushadhis, and are fit for modern use under all the circumstances. These products are not only valuable due to their physicochemical properties, but they also involve a practice of spirituality for their betterment and that’s what makes them unique.